Want to raise your children to be more secure and have a lasting legacy of love and health passed on to the next generation. This message will encourage you that there is no “perfect” method for parenting and most parents are doing a very adequate job of parenting and just don’t know it.

“In a nut shell”…

There are 10 principles of families that succeed:
1. Being there for your family,
2. Express affection, warmth and encouragement,
3. Build health morals and values,
4. Discipline with consistency,
5. Ruthlessly eliminate stress,
6. Communicate is the key,
7. Play is necessary for close-knit family,
8. Love your spouse,
9. The best things in life are not things,
10. Energize your family’s spiritual growth.

Key Ideas…

Parent with Affirmation, warmth and encouragement = A.W.E.  We still discipline our children, but we remove shaming our children into making the right decisions.  Communication is Key – It is more about the interaction than the outcome, which comes from a good relationship not the content of what is said. Parents must always have honesty and integrity when they communicate with their kids.

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