ICE BREAKER: If there was one thing in your life you could change what would it be?
SCRIPTURES: James 4:14


Recently, someone asked this question in the prayer room, “What if you knew the Lord was returning today, making this your last day on Earth.”  The question forces us to stop and examine ourselves and our priorities.  Maybe this morning you woke up and the most pressing thing on your agenda was what to wear to school or possibly a test or exam your studying for. When we think in terms of eternity though, the things that seemed to be so important to us drop down significantly on our priority list. Suddenly, the things that we have put off, such as prayer, Bible reading, witnessing, Bible Studies, and our unsaved loved ones jump to the top of the list.
So let me pose the question again to you, “What if you knew the Lord was returning tonight, and this would be your last day on Earth.”    


1. What is most important to you?  Be Honest!
2. How would you change your daily activities if you knew you only had a day left on the Earth?
3. Would it be a drastic change? Why?
4. How urgent is it for you to reach your lost friends and loved ones?  What will you do this week to reach out to them?
5. What would change in you personal relationship with the Lord?

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